Friday, December 01, 2006

Succeed Corporation

Succeed Corporation is a privately held, profitable and debt-free firm based in Chandler, Arizona, which is in a rapid growth phase and expanding its operations internationally. For more than eight years, the Company has served thousands of small businesses by helping them leverage their technology to do business online.

Succeed Corporation’s mission is to connect small and emerging businesses with the resources, ideas and technology needed to achieve real results and bottom-line profits. The Company’s vision has been to integrate and streamline a full spectrum of online business services and solutions into a unified and seamless platform that allows data to flow freely through the entire e-business cycle. With an integrated business platform, customers can work with maximum efficiency by reducing the learning process and by eliminating the duplicative costs associated with relying on many fragmented and disconnected solutions. After years of design and evolution, Succeed Corporation recently launched its iBuilder platform to provide a complete framework for e-business through a cohesive and user-friendly interface. The iBuilder platform consists of a full range of services, starting with the basic business essentials such as Web design, content management, e-commerce and marketing, to sophisticated back-office functionality and business-process management. Succeed remains fully dedicated to continue expanding and perfecting its technology platform to meet the ever-evolving business needs of its customers.
With the iBuilder platform, the Company aims to reach a very large market, acquiring more than one million customers in the next two to three years. Succeed Corporation plans to aggressively pursue customer acquisition through direct marketing and through the development of several distribution channels and strategic partnerships, such as co-branded reseller and private-label licensing. Succeed’s search for partners will focus on organizations serving small businesses such as distributors, value-added resellers, banks, Internet service providers and consulting groups.

According to the International Data Corporation, as many as 5 million small businesses and 15 million home-based businesses still do not have a Web site. Of the roughly 3 to 5 million small businesses that do have Web sites, less than 5 percent have been selling products or services online for more than a year. This data suggests that there are potentially 20 million small businesses that have not yet entered the market to establish an online presence with a Web site. Add to that another 2 to 4 million small businesses that may seek to sell online in the future or could potentially convert to the more robust toolset offered by Succeed, and the result is a market landscape that is only mildly penetrated, susceptible to current market conversion and significantly wide open for new growth.

Through sheer dedication and a pursuit for perfection, Succeed Corporation has been able to achieve remarkable results both financially and strategically. Now, with the newly launched iBuilder platform designed for a vast, untapped market, Succeed Corporation keeps a dynamic outlook and focus toward its future.


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