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Succeed Corporation Ranked No. 50 on Inc. 500 List

Succeed Corporation Ranked No. 50 on Inc. 500 List
Innovative Arizona-Based eCommerce Provider for Small Businesses Honored on the Nation's Fastest Growing List

MESA, AZ--(Marketwire - September 6, 2007) - Succeed® Corporation, an Arizona-based eCommerce company that helps small businesses succeed online, has landed the number 50 spot on the Inc. 500 list. The list is an annual ranking of the fastest growing private companies in the US. Succeed is also recognized as the #1 fastest growing software technology company on the list in Arizona.

Succeed Corporation has achieved its growth through strategic partnerships and a platform that gives direct customers everything they need to be successful selling on the Internet. The Succeed iBuilder® technology offers a full suite of products for business owners to easily create an online business or expand their current business to the Internet.

This year's Inc. 500 rankings are based on revenue growth from 2003 through 2006. Succeed had revenue growth of 2,390% to take the number 50 spot. Upcoming product releases at Succeed have set the stage for continued growth.

"We're honored to be recognized as a fast-growing company with great promise," said Omar Sayed, founder and CEO of Succeed Corporation. "I'm proud of our team's hard work for this accomplishment. This honor validates our business model. I'm excited that we've built a foundation for additional innovation and investment to further accelerate growth with partners and customers in the US and around the world."

Succeed Corporation also powers partners with a private-labeled version of the iBuilder platform offered under the partner's brand. "Continuing to build long term strategic licensing partnerships is a key part of our business model," said Sayed.

This year's competition documented in the September issue of Inc. reported the most dynamic collection of companies the magazine had ever compiled. Their aggregated revenue was $16 billion. "If you want to find out which companies are going to change the world, look at the Inc. 500," said Inc. 500 Editor Jane Berentson. "These are the most innovative, dynamic, fast-growth companies in the nation."

About Succeed Corporation
Succeed Corporation is the premier provider of eCommerce solutions that small businesses need to quickly and easily set-up and run their online retail operations. Succeed offers a series of products built on the Succeed iBuilder platform to meet new and evolving eBusiness demands. Comprehensive offerings include websites, web hosting, e-mail and e-mail marketing, eBay auction management, as well as access to hundreds of thousands of products through its integrated supplier network. Visit: and

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Friday, December 01, 2006

An Overview of Succeed Corporations iBuilder Platform Developed by Omar Sayed

An Overview of Succeed Corporation's iBuilder Platform Developed by Omar Sayed
By Laura Rush

Small to medium-sized business looking to establish an online presence quickly with low risk and low costs should check out Succeed's iBuilder — a suite of products that gives a growing business everything it needs to create and manage an online business.

Built with non-technical people in mind, iBuilder's suite of e-business tools helps new and seasoned retailers present, sell, process, and track their products on the Internet, with no upfront capital investment or long-term contracts required.

iBuilder combines front end, backend, and marketing tools to help small business owners create a new online business or expand their current brick-and-mortar or catalog business to the Internet. "iBuilder provides a complete solution for doing business online," said Omar Sayed, president and CEO of Succeed Corporation. "Few businesses are online-only, which is why iBuilder enables established businesses to connect their offline business efforts with their online solutions."

The iBuilder suite is comprised of a four tools that can be used separately or in any combination to suit a business' unique needs: SiteBuilder, StoreBuilder, TrafficBuilder, and AffilateBuilder.

SiteBuilder enables small business owners to easily create their own Web site from hundreds of professionally made Web site templates. SiteBuilder comes with an image gallery that includes customizable images, which can be modified to complement a business' unique design. Other tools and services available in SiteBuilder include an HTML editor, management tools such as Web traffic reporting and statistics utilities, Web hosting, and dedicated support. One pitfall is that SiteBuilder claims you'll get a response to a support query within 24 hours, which can be a long wait for those business owners that rely on a faster response time to prevent any lengthy stoppages of business. SiteBuilder also includes state-of-the-art Web hosting and five e-mail accounts for a monthly rate of $9.99.

StoreBuilder supplies all the functionality needed to turn small business' site into an e-commerce workhorse. StoreBuilder includes a Catalog Manager, which is designed to help small business retailers track and manage their inventory and sales information easily and accurately. Retailers can review or change product lists, or new items can be added to the catalog simply by completing the forms provided and uploading product images and text.
A detailed inventory management tool is also provided via the Sales Manager utility, which allows merchants to keep a running inventory of every product in a catalog, verify each order, and approve products for shipping.

A variety of online payments are also available, as iBuilder is compatible with more than 40 different payment gateways. Retailers can accept major credit card transactions (once a merchant account has been set up), electronic check transactions, and PayPal.

StoreBuilder also includes a tax tool that helps retailers control how much sales tax to charge based upon where their business is located. The appropriate tax amount can be applied using the menus and tools provided.

Retailers have the ability to offer marketing incentives to their current and potential customers, as StoreBuilder includes a functionality that enables retailers to create e-coupons. The amount of the discount, expiration date and limits on usage can be selected and discounts can be sent to desired recipients. Retailers can also track how many times each e-coupon has been used.
StoreBuilder also offers iBuilderLink software that integrates incoming orders with Intuit Quickbooks Pro software. iBuilderLink acts as a bridge connecting a retailer's iBuilder online sales-related information with his offline QuickBooks 2002 or QuickBooks 2003 accounting data. All customer activity, vendor information, inventory items, and online sales made using an iBuilder account can be synchronized with a QuickBooks company file. Storebuilder retails for $29.99 per month.

TrafficBuilder offers a combination of powerful tools and reports that helps small businesses owners market their Web site and track advertising campaigns and productivity. Included in the TrafficBuilder utility are submission tools, which allow retailers to submit information about their stores to the major search engines. An E-mail Marketing Center is also provided, which shows novice retailers how to build a mailing list and run a successful e-mail campaign. For example, small business owners can begin sending out e-mail newsletters that feature new products, distribute e-coupons, and announce promotions. All of the information about prior e-mail campaigns can be stored, allowing retailers to gauge the success of each and run increasingly more effective campaigns. TrafficBuilder is available for $19.99 per month.

AffiliateBuilder allows retailers to create and manage their own affiliate program, which can be used to attract new customers via online referrals. Through the Affiliate Manager tool, a small business can set up and launch an affiliate program in no time. Affiliate recruitment is simple, thanks to an easy registration process: iBuilder provides a pre-built registration form with all of the necessary fields to gather information on potential affiliates. Once affiliates sign up, they automatically receive login information to access a business' available banners and links, as well as their commission reports page. The tool also allows retailers to effectively manage their affiliate programs, including the ability to keep track of affiliates' contact information and nature of their Web site. AffiliateBuilder retails for $29.99 per month.

The iBuilder Suite is currently available for 30-day free trial.

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Succeed Corporation

Succeed Corporation is a privately held, profitable and debt-free firm based in Chandler, Arizona, which is in a rapid growth phase and expanding its operations internationally. For more than eight years, the Company has served thousands of small businesses by helping them leverage their technology to do business online.

Succeed Corporation’s mission is to connect small and emerging businesses with the resources, ideas and technology needed to achieve real results and bottom-line profits. The Company’s vision has been to integrate and streamline a full spectrum of online business services and solutions into a unified and seamless platform that allows data to flow freely through the entire e-business cycle. With an integrated business platform, customers can work with maximum efficiency by reducing the learning process and by eliminating the duplicative costs associated with relying on many fragmented and disconnected solutions. After years of design and evolution, Succeed Corporation recently launched its iBuilder platform to provide a complete framework for e-business through a cohesive and user-friendly interface. The iBuilder platform consists of a full range of services, starting with the basic business essentials such as Web design, content management, e-commerce and marketing, to sophisticated back-office functionality and business-process management. Succeed remains fully dedicated to continue expanding and perfecting its technology platform to meet the ever-evolving business needs of its customers.
With the iBuilder platform, the Company aims to reach a very large market, acquiring more than one million customers in the next two to three years. Succeed Corporation plans to aggressively pursue customer acquisition through direct marketing and through the development of several distribution channels and strategic partnerships, such as co-branded reseller and private-label licensing. Succeed’s search for partners will focus on organizations serving small businesses such as distributors, value-added resellers, banks, Internet service providers and consulting groups.

According to the International Data Corporation, as many as 5 million small businesses and 15 million home-based businesses still do not have a Web site. Of the roughly 3 to 5 million small businesses that do have Web sites, less than 5 percent have been selling products or services online for more than a year. This data suggests that there are potentially 20 million small businesses that have not yet entered the market to establish an online presence with a Web site. Add to that another 2 to 4 million small businesses that may seek to sell online in the future or could potentially convert to the more robust toolset offered by Succeed, and the result is a market landscape that is only mildly penetrated, susceptible to current market conversion and significantly wide open for new growth.

Through sheer dedication and a pursuit for perfection, Succeed Corporation has been able to achieve remarkable results both financially and strategically. Now, with the newly launched iBuilder platform designed for a vast, untapped market, Succeed Corporation keeps a dynamic outlook and focus toward its future.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Omar Sayed (AZ Republic)

[Except from Arizona Republic article]

Succeed Corp. has tasted the success that comes with a high-profile software launch and the signing of hundreds of new customers. "It's a good, positive momentum," said Omar Sayed, founder and chief executive officer of the Chandler-based company.

Succeed introduced its iBuilder software at the prestigious DEMO conference held in Scottsdale. The software allows small businesses to design a Web site, connect with a network of suppliers, and handle sales transactions electronically.



Omar Sayed
Founder & CEO
Succeed Corporation

As the founder of Succeed Corporation, Omar Sayed is the entrepreneurial and driving force that is leading the Company. He has remained the visionary behind the entire development of the technology platform, and instrumental in establishing and coordinating the international development centers.

Omar continues to guide the product strategy and spearhead all the research, development and technical operations. Having a background that is strong in both technology and business management, Omar has developed the core engine and concepts around which the technology platform has been built. His business background helps him understand the everyday challenges and pain points that business owners face when dealing with technology. Omar's broader vision, precise attention to detail and absolute commitment have led to the extraordinary innovations that define Succeed Corporation.

Omar has traveled extensively around the world and has always maintained a global outlook in business. He harbors an unyielding ambition and stamina for success as he leads Succeed Corporation and defines the overall Company strategy.