Thursday, October 19, 2006


Omar Sayed
Founder & CEO
Succeed Corporation

As the founder of Succeed Corporation, Omar Sayed is the entrepreneurial and driving force that is leading the Company. He has remained the visionary behind the entire development of the technology platform, and instrumental in establishing and coordinating the international development centers.

Omar continues to guide the product strategy and spearhead all the research, development and technical operations. Having a background that is strong in both technology and business management, Omar has developed the core engine and concepts around which the technology platform has been built. His business background helps him understand the everyday challenges and pain points that business owners face when dealing with technology. Omar's broader vision, precise attention to detail and absolute commitment have led to the extraordinary innovations that define Succeed Corporation.

Omar has traveled extensively around the world and has always maintained a global outlook in business. He harbors an unyielding ambition and stamina for success as he leads Succeed Corporation and defines the overall Company strategy.


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